Tomography PhD studentship opportunity

3D Ultrasound Computed Tomography of the Brain

Supervisors: Mengxing Tang, Mike Warner, Mike Warner, Matthew Williams
Keywords: Neurological diseases – Ultrasound – Tomography
Industrial Partners: N/A
Institutions: Imperial College London

Funded PhD studentship

The objective of the project is to develop a new ultrasound brain tomography modality to acquire both reflected and transmitted ultrasound energy and use advanced reconstruction algorithms that have been developed to successfully solve Earth imaging problems.

If successful, the technique will have significant implications in detecting and managing a broad range of neurological diseases and also in neuroscience research.

This is a highly interdisciplinary project and the student will spend time with a multi-disciplinary team including associated clinicians to understand the challenges in clinical neurology and neuro-oncology and ensure the clinical relevance of the project.

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