The 25th European symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging

Come to see us at the 25th European symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging!

It is the 16-17 January 2020 at the Hilton Hotel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The ULIS group will be at the European symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging in Rotterdam.

It is the 25th edition and all abstracts submitted have been accepted!

You will find 1 oral presentation, two orals in the super-resolution competition and 1 poster in the moderated competition.

Oral presentation

  • M. Toulemonde, and M.X. Tang, “Motion correction for high-frame-rate contrast enhanced echocardiography”

Oral Super-resolution competition

  • G. Zhang, F. Mo, S. Harput, K. Christensen-Jeffries, J. Zhu, C.H. Leow, M. Toulemonde, C. Dunsby, M. X. Tang, “Effect of Concentrations of Contrast Agents in Ultrasound Super-Resolution Imaging”
  • S. Harput, M. Toulemonde, A. Ramalli, K. Christensen-Jeffries, E. Boni, P. Tortoli, C. Dunsby* and M.X. Tang, “Microvessel Analysis with 3D Super-resolution Ultrasound and Super-Resolved Velocity Mapping”

Poster competition

  • M. Toulemonde, S. Harput, T. Tiennot, X. Zhou, and. M.X. Tang, “3D flow visualization with locally and acoustically activated nanodroplets and high frame rate imaging using a matrix array”