Previous Members

Previous members

Dr. Marcelo Lerendegui: RREACT

 Dr. Emma Lubel: EPSRC Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Bingxue Wang: United Imaging

Katharine Brudkiewicz

Dr. Carlos Cueto: Postdoc researcher at Imperial College London.

Dr. Jacob Broughton-Venner: Research Associate at Imperial College London.

Dr. Javier Cudeiro: Postdoc researcher at Imperial College London.

Dr. Thomas Robins

Dr. Guofang Xiao

Dr. Jemma Brown

Dr. Chee-Hau Leow: Senior Researcher at Sensyne Health.

Dr. Xiaowei Zhou: Associate Professor at Chongqing Medical University.

Dr. Ge Zhang: Postdoc researcher at Harvard University.

Dr. Xinhuan Zhou: Postdoc researcher at John Hopkins University.

Dr. Jiaqi Zhu: Postdoc researcher at University College London.

Dr. Oscar Calderon Agudo: Research Associate working on tomographic ultrasound imaging, now at the Department of Earth Science and Engineering.

Dr. Antonio Stanziola: Research Associate working on high frame rate ultrasound contrast imaging, now at University College London.

Dr. Sevan Harput: Research Associate working on Ultrasound Super Resolution Imaging with ultrasound contrast agents, now a lecturer at London South Bank University.

Dr. Marta Braga: PhD (2018) in ultrasound molecular imaging of cancer

Dr. Shengtao Lin: PhD (2017) in phase change ultrasound contrast agents

Dr. Yuanwei  Li: PhD (2017) in computer-aided perfusion analysis and quantification of contrast enhanced ultrasound images, now a postdoc at Imperial College

Dr. Yesna Yildz: PhD (2016) in contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging with correction of nonlinear propagation tissue artefacts, Imperial College London (2011-2015), now a postdoc at University of Oxford

Dr. Tony Wing Keung Cheung: PhD (2016) in computer assisted quantitative analysis of contrast enhanced ultrasound images in atherosclerotic plaques, now a postdoc at QMUL

Dr. Virginie Papadopoulou: PhD (2015) in Computational and experimental techniques towards optimising the cardiovascular risk assessment of hyperbaric decompression stress caused by circulatory bubble dynamics. Post Doc (till 2016) in-vivo 3D Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging, now a postdoc at University of North Carolina.

Dr. Sinan Li: Works as seniro R&D Scientist at Verasonics Ltd.  Previously: PhD on ultrasound modulated optical tomography and opto-elastography by speckle contrast analysis.

Dr. Kirsten Christensen-Jeffries: Post doc in super resolution ultrasound using single bubble acoustics (based at KCL and co-supervised by Drs Eckersley, Dunsby and Tang).

Dr. Jean-Martial Mari: after, an Asssistant Professor at the University of French Polynesia Dr. Kate Hibbs

Dr. Rui Li: after, a Postdoc researcher at UC Ivirne, now an R&D engineer at Apple

Dr. Veronique Mahue: after, an R&D engineer at Silixa Ltd.

Dr. Jonathan Loughran: after, a research engineer at QinetiQ

Mr. Jonathan Casey

Dr. Daniel Finfer: after, a manager at Silixa Ltd.

Dr. Charles Sennoga

Dr. Bin Zhou: after, an Associate Professor at Southeast University, China

Mr Nikolaos Mavropoulos: Completed his MSc dissertation under Dr Tang’s supervision on an analysis of contrast enhanced ultrasound images for the quantification of blood flow in the carotid artery wall (2011-2012).

Mr Jonathan Nelson: Worked on MRes project with the group, into composition of homemade microbubbles (2011-12).

Mr Joe How Hui: Under supervision of Dr Tang and a PhD candidate, Miss Virginie Papadopoulou, he completed his MSc dissertation on automated counting of Automated Counting of Venous Gas Emboli in Post- SCUBA Dive Echocardiography (2012-2013).

Mr Brice Jacquin: Research project “Developing a 3D ultrasound imaging technology” within the group Studying for a MSc in bio medical engineering with medical imaging in France

Mr Martin Ward: Research project on microbubble dynamics in a small vessels within the group, under Imperial’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (2014).

Dr Yi Cheng: Worked as an EPSRC funded Research Assistant on prostate cancer imaging (postdoc)

Dr Fairuzeta Ja’Afar: Now a Physical Chemistry lecturer at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Completed a PhD in understanding the mechanism(s) of microbubble-cellular interactions within inflamed versus non-inflamed vasculature