• Stride: an open-source library for ultrasound tomography

    We have now released Stride, an open-source library for medical ultrasound modelling and tomography. Stride lets users easily prototype medical imaging algorithms with only a few lines of Python code that can run seamlessly on a Jupyter notebook, a multi-node CPU cluster or a GPU with production-grade performance. It provides end-to-end definition of the imaging…

  • Postdoc position in 3D flow imaging

    We currently have an open Research Associate position in 3D ultrasound flow imaging, to start later this year. The post holder will contribute to 3D ultrasound image beamforming and flow imaging, in collaboration with Professor Freears from University of Leeds. If you are interested, please contact Professor Mengxing Tang (mengxing.tang@ic.ac.uk)

  • PhD position on gut microcirculation imaging

    This is a highly multidisciplinary project and is part of a close collaboration between engineers/physicists, biologists, clinicians and industry partner to: Develop advanced ultrasound technology for high spatial and temporal resolution in vivo imaging of gut structure and function Develop  optimised  signal and image processing and machine learning technology in the presence of fat layers…


    Check out Professor Mengxing Tang’s online lecture on super-resolution ultrasound! This online lecture is part of a series produced by ThUNDDAR, a multi-disciplinary network of therapeutic ultrasound experts whose aim is to promote clinical use of therapeutic ultrasound. Therapeutic ultrasound (ThUS) has enormous potential as a minimally invasive treatment modality with applications ranging from the…

  • Clinical quantitative cardiac imaging for the assessment of myocardial ischaemia

    Marc Dewey, Maria Siebes, Marc Kachelrieß, Klaus F. Kofoed, Pál Maurovich-Horvat, Konstantin Nikolaou, Wenjia Bai, Andreas Kofler, Robert Manka, Sebastian Kozerke, Amedeo Chiribiri, Tobias Schaeffter, Florian Michallek, Frank Bengel, Stephan Nekolla, Paul Knaapen, Mark Lubberink, Roxy Senior, Meng-Xing Tang, Jan J. Piek, Tim van de Hoef, Johannes Martens, Laura Schreiber & on behalf of the…

  • Full-waveform inversion imaging of the human brain

    Lluís Guasch, Oscar Calderón Agudo, Meng-Xing Tang, Parashkev Nachev & Michael Warner, “Full-waveform inversion imaging of the human brain” npj Digital Medicine 3, 28 (2020) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41746-020-0240-8 News: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/195954/seismic-imaging-technology-could-deliver-detailed/

  • In vivo 3D Super-Resolution of Rabbit Lymph

    Jiaqi Zhu, Ethan M. Rowland, Sevan Harput, Kai Riemer, Chee Hau Leow, Brett Clark, Karina Cox, Adrian Lim, Kirsten Christensen-Jeffries, Ge Zhang, Jemma Brown, Christopher Dunsby, Robert J. Eckersley, Peter D Weinberg, Meng-Xing Tang, “3D Super-Resolution US Imaging of Rabbit Lymph Node Vasculature in Vivo by Using Microbubbles“ Radiology DOI: 10.1148/radiol.2019182593

  • In vivo 3D microvascular imaging without contrast agents

    C. H. Leow, N. L. Bush, A. Stanziola, M. Braga, A. Shah, J. Hernández-Gil, N. J. Long, E. O. Aboagye, J. C. Bamber and M.X. Tang, “3D microvascular imaging using high frame rate ultrasound and ASAP without contrast agents: development and initial in vivo evaluation on non-tumour and tumour models“ IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics Ferroelectrics…

  • Acoustic wave sparsely activated localization microscopy (AWSALM): Super-resolution ultrasound imaging using acoustic activation and deactivation of nanodroplets

    Ge Zhang, Sevan Harput, Shengtao Lin, Kirsten Christensen-Jeffries, Chee Hau Leow, Jemma Brown, Christopher Dunsby, Robert J. Eckersley, and Meng-Xing Tang, “Acoustic wave sparsely activated localization microscopy (AWSALM): Super-resolution ultrasound imaging using acoustic activation and deactivation of nanodroplets“ Applied Physics Letters 113, 014101 (2018) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5029874