Ultra-SR Challenge is the first international challenge on super-resolution ultrasound algorithms. As part of the challenge both simulation and in vivo data are used for evaluation of localisation and tracking algorithms. Please go to our challenge webpage for details on the challenge and on the available datasets, and publications.      


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BUFF is a comprehensive simulation and evaluation platform for ULM. It comprises: micro-vascular network generation, fast computational fluid dynamics solver, linear acoustic field simulation, non-linear microbubble dynamics simulation, and an algorithm evaluation pipeline. BUFF allows fast creation of realistic datasets, and efficient algorithm assessment.

Code and example scripts will be released soon.

BUFF was the tool used for both dataset generation and the evaluation participant’s algorithms at the the 2022 IUS ULTRA-SR challenge. ULTRA-SR Synthetic Dataset:

Stride is an open-source library for medical ultrasound modelling and tomography. Stride lets users easily prototype medical imaging algorithms with only a few lines of Python code that can run seamlessly on a Jupyter notebook, a multi-node CPU cluster or a GPU with production-grade performance. It provides end-to-end definition of the imaging process using state-of-the-art reconstruction algorithms, and the flexibility to (re)define every step of the optimisation. Check our website, the GitHub repository, or start playing with the provided examples in an interactive binder.