BioMedEng 18 Conference

Come to see us at the BioMedEng 18 Conference !

It is the 06-07 September 2018 at Imperial College London.




BioMedEng 18 Conference is the UK’s largest gathering of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers and Bioengineers.


You will find 1 oral and 3 posters from our group:

  • Matthieu Toulemonde, Ge Zhang, Kai Riemer, Peter D. Weinberg, Meng-Xing Tang, Locally activated nanodroplets and high frame rate imaging for real-time flow visualization – preliminary in-vivo demonstration – Oral
  • Xiaowei Zhou, Chee Hau Leow, Matthieu Toulemonde, Meng-Xing Tang, Out-of-plane in-vitro flow velocity investigation for measuring cardiac output with high-frame-rate microbubble-enhanced ultrasound – Poster
  • Ge Zhang, Kuin T. Pang, Mean Ghim, Peter D. Weinberg, Meng-Xing Tang,  Ultrasound and Microscopic Imaging of Nanodroplet Adhesion to Endothelial Cells under Atheroprone Flow Conditions – Poster
  • Kai Riemer, Ethan Rowland, Meng-Xing Tang, Peter D. Weinberg, Measuring blood flow and wall shear stress in vivo using ultrasound imaging velocimetry with native blood speckle or microbubble contrast agents – Poster


See you there…