• ULIS on ice

    After a productive day in the lab we decided to take a go at figure skating. Perhaps, you are looking at the next gold medalist at the 2028 winter Olympics.

  • 3D Acoustic Wave Sparsely Activated Localization Microscopy With Phase Change Contrast Agents

    Objective  The aim of this study is to demonstrate 3-dimensional (3D) acoustic wave sparsely activated localization microscopy (AWSALM) of microvascular flow in vivo using phase change contrast agents (PCCAs). Materials and Methods  Three-dimensional AWSALM using acoustically activable PCCAs was evaluated on a crossed tube microflow phantom, the kidney of New Zealand White rabbits, and the…

  • Dr. Hansen-Shearer’s thesis defence

    Our lab is pleased to announce the successful thesis defence by Dr. Hansen-Shearer, who recently passed his viva with minor corrections. We would like to congratulate him on this achievement and express our gratitude for examiners for assessing Joe’s work!

  • Seminar by Professor Jørgen Jensen

    Our lab had the pleasure of hosting a seminar by Prof Jørgen Jensen from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Prof Jørgen Jensen is a leading researcher in the field of ultrasound, with over 25 thousand citations to date, whose most cited work includes the famous Field II simulation software.

  • ULIS outreach in St Albans School

    Megan visited the St Albans School on the 29th September 2023 to give a seminar on her research to A-Level students. She was invited by the Stephen Hawking Society, a student-led group inviting academics to talk on a wide range of science-related topics in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. Her presentation was titled…

  • Mikhail G. Shapiro Seminar – Talking to cells: biomolecular ultrasound for imaging and control of cellular function in intact organisms

    Our lab was delighted to host Prof Mikhail G. Shapiro’s seminar. He presented the ongoing research carried at out California Institute of Technology: The study of biological function in intact organisms and the development of targeted cellular therapeutics necessitate methods to image and control cellular function in vivo. Technologies such as fluorescent proteins and optogenetics serve…


    For IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2023, which will be held in Montreal, you will be able to find the ULIS lab members and collaborators during the poster and oral sessions. Orals Posters

  • Winner Award for the 28th European Symposium on Ultrasound Imaging

    Our group members Kai Riemer and Biao Huang presented their work on “3D super-resolution ultrasound imaging of deep cardiac microvasculature in an ex vivo porcine heart” at this year’s 28th European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging. They won the New Directions Technology Award and hope to further develop this proof-of-concept technology. Please, join us in…

  • Fast and selective super-resolution ultrasound in vivo with acoustically activated nanodroplets

    Link: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/9955557/ Authors: Kai, Riemer, Kai, Matthieu Toulemonde, Jipeng Yan, Marcelo Lerendegui, Elanor Stride, Peter D. Weinberg, Christopher Dunsby, Meng-Xing Tang Journal: IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging doi = 10.1109/TMI.2022.3223554 Abstract Perfusion by the microcirculation is key to the development, maintenance, and pathology of tissue. Its measurement with high spatiotemporal resolution is consequently valuable but…

  • Open Positions