• 3D Acoustic Wave Sparsely Activated Localization Microscopy With Phase Change Contrast Agents

    Objective  The aim of this study is to demonstrate 3-dimensional (3D) acoustic wave sparsely activated localization microscopy (AWSALM) of microvascular flow in vivo using phase change contrast agents (PCCAs). Materials and Methods  Three-dimensional AWSALM using acoustically activable PCCAs was evaluated on a crossed tube microflow phantom, the kidney of New Zealand White rabbits, and the…

  • Seminar by Professor Jørgen Jensen

    Our lab had the pleasure of hosting a seminar by Prof Jørgen Jensen from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Prof Jørgen Jensen is a leading researcher in the field of ultrasound, with over 25 thousand citations to date, whose most cited work includes the famous Field II simulation software.

  • Postdoc position

    We are looking for one postdoc researcher to work on 3D cancer imaging with high frame-rate contrast enhanced ultrasound. The post is expected to start around Oct 2016 or as soon as possible after that for 3.5 years. Please contact Dr Mengxing Tang (mtang1@ic.ac.uk) for details.

  • Our Group

    Ultrasound has been well established as a front line clinical imaging tool for diagnosis and treatment monitoring in a wide range of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Recently the development of novel microbubble contrast agents, together with other advances such as high frame-rate imaging technique, enables imaging and quantification of tissue structure and function…

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