For IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2021, which will be entirely online, you will be able to find the ULIS lab members and collaborators during the poster and oral sessions.


  1. Towards in vivo real-time ultrasound super-resolution microvasculature imaging with nanodroplets: AWSALM and fastAWSALM
    Kai Riemer, Matthieu Toulemonde, Marcelo Lerendegui, Christopher Dunsby, Peter D Weinberg, Meng-Xing Tang


  1. Stride – an open-source platform for high-performance ultrasound computed tomography
    Carlos Cueto, Lluis Guasch, Fabio Luporini, Oscar Bates, George Stronge, Oscar Calderon, Gerard Gorman, Meng-Xing Tang
  2. No-cost uncertainty estimation for ultrasound tomography of the human brain
    Oscar Bates, Lluis Guasch, Thomas Robins, Oscar Calderon, George Strong, Carlos Cueto, Javier Cudeiro, Meng-Xing Tang
  3. Volumetric Image Projection Super-Resolution (VIP-SR) Ultrasound with a 1D array probe
    Bingxue Wang, Riemer Kai, Matthieu Toulemonde, Jacob Broughton-Venner, Xiaowei Zhou, Meng-Xing Tang
  4. Improving Ultrasound Super-Resolution Image Tracking in High Bubble Concentrations
    Jipeng Yan, T. Zhang, Jacob Broughton−Venner, P. Huang, Meng-Xing Tang.
  5. Automatic segmentation of ultrafast, contrast-enhanced cardiac ultrasound using deep learning
    A. Alalitei, Matthieu Toulemonde, Xiaowei Zhou, M. Shun-Shin, Meng-Xing Tang
  6. Doppler Motion Compensation in High-Frame Rate Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging
    J. M. Ribeiro, Matthieu Toulemonde, Kai Riemer, Meng-Xing Tang
  7. 4D ultrafast blood flow imaging comparison: vector Doppler, transverse oscillation and speckle tracking
    Raphaël Dumas, Kai Riemer, Matthieu Toulemonde, Marcelo Lerendegui, Peter D. Weinberg, Meng-Xing Tang, François Varray