IEEE IUS 2022 Ultrasound Localisation and TRAcking for Super-Resolution (ULTRA-SR) Challenges

Super-resolution (SR) ultrasound imaging, particularly through localisation and tracking of microbubble contrast agents (also known as ultrasound localisation microscopy or ULM), is a new exciting area of research in biomedical ultrasound with potential impact in a wide range of biomedical applications. In recent years many different SR methodologies and algorithms have been proposed by different groups and their applications to biological systems, pre-clinical models and clinical patients are being explored.

We challenge the participants to produce the best SR images using a set of data consisting of a number of contrast-enhanced ultrasound image sequences generated through computer simulation and experimental acquisition. Participants are asked to submit:

  1. their SR imaging results in a pre-defined format;
  2. a paper summarizing details of the methodology. Paper submissions should follow the IEEE IUS 2022 proceedings guidelines.

All accepted participants are required to prepare a poster for presentation during the ULTRA-SR workshop at IEEE IUS 2022 in Venice. Posters will remain visible during this 3-hour challenge summary workshop, as well as during the entire symposium.

The top 4-8 finalists will receive a cash prize of up to $1,000 USD and will have the opportunity to deliver oral presentations about their algorithms during this workshop.

A joint publication will be generated after the challenge.

For further information, please visit the challenge website.